Attacked by internal factors such as stress, disordered diet, taking medicines and by external factors such as pollution and abuse of detergent products and / or aggressive treatments, the hair weakens and the scalp manifests its discomfort with itching, dandruff and excessive production of sebum. In these cases it may be useful to use a detoxifying product to restore the natural physiological conditions of the skin, freeing it from dead cells and residues of sebum, dirt and pollution, optimally preparing the hair and the scalp for aesthetic treatments and technical-professional (colouring, bleaches, perms, straightening treatments or other).

PLANT-BASED MICROGRANULES OF ALMONDS AND HAZELNUTS: finely chopped, they allow through the massage to remove mechanically the dead cells and residues of sebum, dirt and pollution.
ESSENTIAL OILS OF LAVENDER, EUCALYPTUS AND ROSEMARY: they have a sebum-balancing, toning and refreshing action on the scalp.

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