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Protect your hair and skin in the summer

Protect your hair and skin in the summer

Summer is delightful, but unfortunately, it's also the time when your hair and skin are more vulnerable. The sun, saltwater, and chlorine can cause damage that you'd rather avoid. But don't worry, we have the solution!
With INEJ COLOR PROTECT, we offer everything you need to protect your hair and skin from the harmful effects of summer. Our shampoo, conditioner, and serum are specially formulated to nourish, hydrate, and shield your hair while also serving as a shower gel and after-sun product, allowing you to enjoy radiant skin as well. Our organic formula ensures optimal protection and nourishes your hair and skin with natural ingredients.

Hair: specially formulated for colored hair, provides protection and damage prevention, nourishes for a shiny result
Skin: to be used after sun exposure or tanning bed use, helps maintain the complexion

Hair: for exposure, mix conditioner with water and apply
Hair and Skin: after exposure, apply after washing to add hydration

Hair: receives extra nourishment, resulting in livelier hair with more shine
Scalp: protects the scalp from sun exposure and prevents redness

De geur doordrenkt met de heerlijke aroma's van hennep en camelia olie zal je zintuigen prikkelen en je een gevoel van ontspanning en luxe geven, waardoor elke douchebeurt een verwennerij wordt


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