• Content:
    100 ml
  • Aroma:
    red fruits

E_co.lor.gy is a permanent multifunctional color which allows to have perfect color results inside the salons. Oxidative permanent colors hold a base of different colored pigments, chosen according to the desired nuances. A 4-D synergy color performance


E_co.lor.gy formula does NOT contain PPD (PARAPHENYLENDIAMINE) but innovative colored pigments which, properly joined togeter, replaced PPD avoiding allergies.


E_co.lor.gy is NOT alkalinized with AMMONIA. This produces a perfumed cosmetic color, able to create a balanced saturation and oxidation of color pigments inside the hair. These pigments are contained inside a base carrier. When diluted with the exact amount of developer it procures an emulsion easy to be applied and diffused on the hair: important operation for a perfect final result.

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